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About Us

Northern Bay hot tubs evolved from the upper Midwest where families enjoy the tens of thousands of lakes with recreation and relaxation.  The Midwest lakes have been a place for fun activities for many decades, and not just for residents but also for tourists from all over the world. Northern Bay hot tubs are hand crafted and designed for hydrotherapy, comfort, wellness, and reliability at affordable price points.

 Our hot tubs are built for the harsh Midwest winters at low operating costs.  Northern Bay’s partner company Saratoga Spa has over 3 decades of hot tub manufacturing and holds some of the industry’s most unique patents.  
Saratoga Spa, a company deep in tradition, takes its name from Saratoga Springs, N.Y. a bastion of Hydrotherapy, rest and recreation since the 17th century. Over 33 YEARS of Manufacturing Excellence the Saratoga Spa company has a long history of design and innovation.

Our A.Q.U.A Philosophy
Affordable Leisure

Our hot tubs are designed for Luxury at affordable price points with the latest technology from industry leaders like Waterway and Lucite.  Families have been enjoying our hot tubs for more than 3 decades!


Northern Bay hot tubs are built with 33 years of manufacturing experience for quality, hydrotherapy, luxury and reliability.  Northern Bay hot tubs are easy to maintain and every hot tub is hand built and water tested twice at our family owned facility.


Our hot tubs are the ultimate in design and built for style, comfort, performance, relaxation, therapy, and leisure at an affordable price with one of the best warranties in the industry.  We wrap all of this in a beautiful shiplap cabinet.

American Made

Northern Bay hot tubs are manufactured in New York and components are sourced from the U.S making it an all American Made Hot Tub!

Our Promise

“Northern Bay hot tubs provide luxurious hot tubs at affordable prices with integrity, reliability and quality for families to build hot water memories.”

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